Chairman’s Notes October 2018

Hello Everyone,

We are more or less back to normal now after that glorious Summer and it is actually very good to see everyone in our groups again.

At the quarterly meeting of the South Lincs U3As, held recently at Bourne, the subject of the new membership cards was brought up.

To clarify, if any member wishes to attend another U3A, they can do so upon production of one of these. It was felt that the idea was to be able to attend either as a casual visitor or by way of trying out a new U3A for two or three sessions only. Then if interested, it would be better to become a full member of that U3A as the fees are so low anyway, £8 for a year in our case and even less if already a member of another U3A. That would help their funds, no bad thing. This applies to us here as many do attend the Welland meetings, so why not join anyway.

When visiting U3As in distant places, then the ability to attend maybe only once is fine just using the membership card.

We have a new regional trustee for the East Midlands, Jean Hogg who is keen to meet us. Her job is to represent us on the main board of trustees. She will be attending the AGM of the Welland U3A on 30th April next year to which we are all invited if we wish to do so.

We could then pass on any concerns that we have with the running of the trust or any other items that we feel need attention. Another report was on the concern expressed at the national AGM held recently in Nottingham about the universal difficulty in finding people to serve on committees. No surprise there as it can be time consuming.

This applies to us as well, so if anyone does have the time to help even in a small way, please do speak to one of us at these meetings. Your committee here are a happy bunch and do not bite. This appeal has been done many times before, but we do need people to come along with new ideas. Organisations cannot stand still whoever they are.

Likewise, we need a constant influx of new members, and we extend a warm welcome to all who have joined this year with the hope that you are enjoying your membership so far and will invite your friends to join too. You will see inside that Stamford Library are holding a morning session on Wednesday 10th October with the theme of Health and Well-Being for the general public. We have been invited to go to tell everyone of the benefits of joining the U3A.

This could be the start of our initiative to spread the word as so few have ever heard of us.

Finally, we are planning to reinstate the post Christmas lunch event in mid January as it was not held this year. The idea is to fill the void in January after all the excitement of Christmas. Details will follow.

Hope to see you all again either at the Monday meetings or at one of our wonderful groups.

Michael Crowe