Chairman’s Notes – November 2018

Hello Everyone,

At our meeting on 1st October, we had a stroke of good fortune after the scheduled speaker failed to show up. With 10 minutes to go, new member Robin Dunseath who only joined that day stepped in to fill the gap and presented what turned out to be one of the most interesting talks of the recent past. He told us about his trip round the world some 10 years ago with four disabled people to raise money and prove that anything is possible with determination. Robin is a well known speaker anyway and will be returning to us again next year. He received a rapturous reception from the audience, and we are most grateful to him for helping us out. Thank you Robin.

We were invited to attend the National Health and Well Being morning at Stamford library on 10th October with many other local support services. We were able to tell visitors of our activities. The event was such a success that the library staff have requested a supply of our newsletters each month to help promote our U3A. As head office are always encouraging us to do this, we are grateful of the opportunity, and we thank the head librarian and staff for their co-operation. We plan to distribute posters to other public venues around the town with immediate effect including the doctors’ surgeries as they could be a source of new members. Meeting others is a great therapy.

You will see that we have had an offer to start a new Ukelele Group, as have many other U3As across the country. The instrument is reputed to be one of the easier ones to learn, so would anyone interested please make themselves known to us at the monthly meetings. Our member Lesly Hayes will be on hand to judge the interest.

Also please note that the second part of the First Aid course will be on Thursday 22nd November open to anyone interested in brushing up on their knowledge. Please let us know if you would like to attend.

The bookbinding and restoration group is off to a flying start, and we thank Chris Gardiner for his initiative in starting this.

Next month is our annual pantomime which is always a great event.
However this year we will miss one of our stalwarts in the drama group, Gordon Bland who has sadly died very recently. Many of you will remember with affection his performances. We send our condolences to his family.

Details of the mid January lunch at the garden centre are in this newsletter for anyone wishing to come along.

Thank you to our dedicated group leaders who do such great work for us here.

See you all in December.

Michael Crowe