Chairman’s Notes – January 2019

Hello Everyone,

Firstly I hope that you all had a good Christmas, some more so than others no doubt. The pressure to spend every minute of the day was somewhat tiring, and the clue to the festival is in the name, not Asdamas or Waitrosemas! One card even said “Winter Wishes”. Why would anyone wish Winter on anyone?

The Pantomime last month was a wonderful production and ran perfectly. Congratulations to all concerned – script writer Margaret, group leader Anne and pianist John and the outstanding cast. The props department had to work at great speed to set the whole thing up in time. The Singing for Pleasure group concluded the morning`s entertainment in fine style, and thanks go to Rita and David Lovell Brown for this rousing end to the season and to everyone who made this a special morning.
As we start a new year of activities, your committee are keen to support our groups in any way that we can. Do please come to talk to us if there is any help needed. We intend to carry on promoting our U3A in the community to spread the word of our existence and what we have to offer.
The Stamford Library and Arts Centre have been most helpful in displaying our newsletters each month. As these disappear on a regular basis, it is possible that we are reaching more people who might come to our monthly meetings one day.
The December newsletter included the planned list of speakers for this year as a cut out and keep. This has received a positive response as being a good idea. Thank you Patti for doing this. Inevitably, there will be some changes as speakers are booked some months ahead. The ongoing monthly newsletters will show any amendments and when they happen.
By the time that you read this, the first meeting of the new Ukulele group will have taken place. More details will be in the next newsletter. The Book Binding group will be moving venue this month starting on Tue afternoon the 8th Jan. Please see inside this issue. If anyone is interested in the proposed new History group, please let me know
at the meeting or as soon after as convenient.
The Casterton Garden Centre lunch is now fully booked and the balance is now due, see inside for further details.
We had more new members attending the pantomime on 3rd December, and we welcome the following –
Mrs Milly Clayphan, Mrs Annemarie Hawkins, Mr Peter Kennedy, Mrs Sharon Kennedy,
Mr Malcolm Roberts, Mrs Sue Gilbert and Mrs Sandra Cooper.
I hope that you were made welcome and enjoyed the show. Please seek me out at the next meeting after the event, as I would like to make your acquaintance if I have not done so already.
Finally, please hand in any used postage stamps at any future meeting. These help our chosen charity carry on their good work. Thank you.
I wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Michael Crowe