Chairman’s Notes – February 2019

Hello Everyone,

We are back to normal now with all our groups up and running again after the Christmas break. The Monday meeting on the 7th January was an excellent start to our activities this year as a larger than usual audience of 157 members including visitors were treated to a wonderful musical experience on the subject of The History of Jazz over the last 100 years. Patti our speaker finder has a report inside on this outstanding morning. The mid January lunch at the Casterton Garden Centre was another great event, well organised for us by Molly and Jill ­thank you both. All who attended were full of praise for the food and organisation on a lovely sunny day too.

Our new Ukulele group has held its first two meetings with 16 members who were complete novices. After an hour and half, all were able to strum and sing along to ABBA`s version of the song “I have a dream “. It made a remarkably good sound from such humble beginnings. Thank you Lesly for coming up with the idea and being such a good teacher and guide. If anyone else wishes to come, please contact Lesly for details.

Christine Bearne has been responsible for the coffees at our first Monday meetings for many years and now wishes to hand over this very worthwhile task to someone else. We are looking for anyone who comes to these on a regular basis to do this for us. It is not onerous but does need continuity. Thank you Christine for all your valiant efforts. We have a number of members who regularly man the check in desks at these Monday meetings, so we would also like to thank them for taking on this vital task as we have to know the numbers attending under the new safeguarding regulations.

Our audio/ visual team do the job on a regular basis, often unseen behind the console in the gallery. Thanks also to them for making our meetings go so well. We do need volunteers with some knowledge of computers to help out, so please do offer your services, even if you are only able to come occasionally.

You will see inside a notice of the formation of yet another group, this one being History, not to be confused with our very popular Local History one. If anyone is interested in this, please come to tell us after this or the March meetings.

The book binding and restoration group under the guidance of Chris Gardiner have now relocated to the Uffington village hall with much improved ground floor facilities. Anyone with a valuable but tatty book is welcome to come as guidance will be given. It is quite a new skill and so worthwhile for a family heirloom to be preserved thus.

We have a steady intake of new members and so have organised a Meet and Greet coffee morning at the Arts Centre on Wed 27th March. Please make a note of the date, as this is a great way to meet each other and some of our group leaders.

Finally it is membership renewal time, so would you all do this as soon as you can. We offer amazing value unrivalled by any other organisation. Never have so many enjoyed so much for so little.

Roll on Spring.

Michael Crowe