Chairman’s Notes – May 2019

Hello Everyone,

This is AGM and entertainment day, and you will see reports on the back page from our membership secretary and treasurer.
Last month, we had the interesting talk on dairy farming by Jane Barnes who stepped in to fill the gap, and we are very grateful to her. She offers farm visits to see her new milking parlour and the workings of a super modern farm as an organised tour. If anyone would like join a group visit later in the year, will find details in the Newsletter.
Our new history group held their first meeting on the 18th April, which was well attended by 26 members. We are now working with the Welland U3A equivalent group whereby we can go to their monthly meetings to increase the range of our knowledge. Our group is still open to anyone who wishes to come along as there is space in the downstairs room at Barn Hill. Meetings are on the morning of the third Thursday of the month.
At the Welland AGM on 30th April, our regional Trustee Jean Hogg came to tell us what is happening at head office. Briefly, they are working to promote the U3A movement at Government level as a vital way to combat the epidemic of loneliness which seems to be prevalent across the land. We can do our part locally as we do.
You will know that Christine Bearne has stepped down from running the upstairs coffee lounge at these first Monday meetings. She has been doing this every month for over eight years. We are all most grateful to her for such dedicated commitment. Thank you Christine and also Peter for his huge support. Luckily, Christine has found help to take over, so we will continue to use the top room. The possible use of the “well” has not been necessary as yet.

Likewise, Jim Guthrie has handed over the membership job to Beverley Meader with effect from today. He has done an amazing job of keeping all the records of members over so many years. Thank you so very much Jim and also Beverley for taking over this task.
We were all saddened to hear of the death very recently of Dorothy Piggott. She was a founder member some 25 years ago. There must be very few left from those early days. We would like to hear if there are, just to thank them for starting what we have today. A brief report of Dorothy`s life is in this edition.
With the new colour format, David Woodman can now accept photos from any group who has an interesting one. We need permission from everyone in such a photo to comply with the data protection rules.
Thanks go to our committee, group leaders and all those who help in any way with our meetings and activites. We depend on you.
Finally, please do remember to sign in at our meetings as required for insurance purposes. Thank you.
Enjoy today`s performances and what is left of this month.
See you next time.

Michael Crowe