Chairman’s Notes – July 2019

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for coming along today as it is good to have as large an attendance as possible for our speakers. This constitutes part of the U3A mantra of learning and enjoying, as set out in the constitution.
We are often being reminded in the media of the importance of socialising and talking to people as a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our speaker finder spends a considerable amount of her time researching speakers for us, and generally they are all excellent with a wide range of subjects.
Last month, we had an amusing talk by Jean Townsend on the subject of Memorable Epitaphs on graves. As she did this at short notice, we are most grateful to her for coming. A report is in this newsletter.
On the subject of good speakers, our relatively new History group was treated to a most enlightening talk on heraldry and Coats of Arms from the earliest days of chivalry. We learnt how to interpret the many Coats of Arms in the land, from royalty to the local council one on the town hall. There is space in this group if anyone wishes to come to these excellent meetings, held at barn Hill on the third Thursday mornings of each month. Just turn up. You will be welcome.
We still need someone to help out with the U3A Secretarial duties. This is not arduous if done on a regular basis. After the upheaval last year with the news regulations, things have settled down now. The plan is to continue to expand our membership as we are doing. The emphasis is on enjoying life with all our groups, so tell of our existence.
Under the general title of Safeguarding and looking out for each other, we have had several instances of people coming to grief on various paving slabs in Stamford due to loose or wobbly ones that move when one walks on them. Two of our people have been quite badly injured in recent months. The idea now to help with this problem in our midst is that anyone who notices or knows of one of these to make a note of the exact location and report it to us.
We now have a very good contact as one of our members is a town councillor, so if we act as a body, we feel that our concerns will be heard better than if as individuals. We know of the problems in the town centre, so it is the hazards in the surrounding streets that we should know about. Initially, would you let me know as my contact details are at the bottom of this page, so making it easy to find. Thank you.
Finally, some of our members have been receiving an email with the message “No Content“ with an invitation to open the next section.
This did not come from the person named as the sender so is probably a scam of some sort. The advice is to delete if you receive one. It has affected the Singing for pleasure group in particular. These days we have to be cautious as these scammers are becoming clever.
The advice is never to give any personal details on line. A sign of the times but we can only be aware.
Thank you all for your continued support .
Michael Crowe