Chairman’s Notes – June 2019

Hello Everyone,

The last Monday meeting turned out to be excellent after the formal business of the AGM had been signed off. We did learn that our membership has now topped the
600 mark and our finances are in good shape thanks to our group leaders and treasurer who have everything under control. However there are quite a few, over a hundred, who have not yet renewed their subscriptions for various reasons.
I would ask everyone to check that they have done so please, as this is essential for our insurance rules. Our annual fee of £8 is great value. You can sett le up at the first Monday meetings or send them to our new membership secretary, Beverley. Thank you.
Most people associate an AGM as being something to be avoided as boring, but we do not do that. As it only takes ten minutes, the following entertainment in house was something special with our Drama and Singing for pleasure people making it a fun morning.
The sketch by the drama people showed what might happen if a Wine Tasting group imbibed to excess. Then the Singing was a selection of popular songs. Thank you to both groups for putting on such a great show. A report is inside.
We re-instated the Art display at this meeting with some lovely paintings on show in the top room next to the coffee lounge. This was a revelation of talent, and thanks to all who
brought along their work. We hope to retain this as a feature of the May meeting.
Please remember to view the display at the AGM next year as it is a must.
You will notice some changes to the structure of the committee now , and we thank those who have volunteered to take on these posts and would like to express our gratitude to those who have stepped down for all their hard work over very many years.
We still need help with the secretarial work if anyone feels that they would like to off er their services. Roland would be most grateful.
The revamped newsletter in colour has been a huge improvement and David Woodman continues to do a great job month by month. Group Leaders can now submit colour photos of their groups’ activities, with the permission of the people involved, which adds greatly to the appearance of the newsletter and is incorporated by our fellow U3A associates in South Lincs. We print extras now, so do take more copies than one if you wish.
Copies are on display each month at the Arts Centre and the Library, which is helping to spread the word of our existence.
We are nearly half way through the year and hope that everyone has enjoyed what we have been doing so far. We still need volunteers to help with the various jobs, so if anyone would like to do so, please just come to any of our meetings to tell us.
Suggestions for any new group or in fact anything would be welcome.
Thank you all for your support for all that we do.

Michael Crowe