Chairman’s Notes – September 2019

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for coming today, and as usual do pick up the newsletter and take extras for anyone whom you know is unable to collect one themselves. We are printing extras these days so plenty are available.
The Library and Arts Centre display them as you know, and both run out of copies by the end of each month. We have new members joining each month it, so it seems that the word of our existence must be spreading.
In an attempt to remind ourselves of the first Monday meetings, an email is sent to those in the system as it is so easy to forget that a new month has come. This has become the norm for leaders of our larger groups, with the result generally is that
attendance is much higher with a reminder just before the event. Obviously a large attendance makes it much easier for the leader to balance the books when room hire has to be covered each time. One such is the History group which has been
running for six months with the meetings at Barn Hill on the third Thursdays of the month. It would benefit from more of the existing members attending for that reason alone, apart from the extremely good talks.
Last month, we had an interesting talk on the history of Jewellery from Georgian ti mes to the late 20th century. Items were passed round and fortunately all returned. The people in the gallery missed out, so one suggestion was that pictures of these might be shown on screen. This has been taken up by the speaker, so maybe we have enhanced her presentation for the future. Positive feedback accepted. A report of this entertaining talk is in this newsletter. We welcome talks on a variety of topics and would like to thank our speaker today for coming with her very different subject.
Our appeal last month for anyone to report on trip hazards has not elicited any response, but we assume that we have raised awareness of the problem. This must rate as a good result.
Our one-off group visit to Apethorpe Palace in late July was another very interesting delve into history, being one of the residences of King James I. Now we have this open event at the end of this month to the Collyweston Palace dig. Another slice of history on
our doorstep being the residence of Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII. This will be on 31st August/1st September weekend. Details are in this newsletter.
We are now into the holiday season with some groups closing down for the month. Others are carrying on regardless. Do check with your leader if in doubt. Have a good break to all who are venturing forth, and hope to see you all in September fully
Michael Crowe