Chairman’s Notes – October 2019

Hello Everyone,
Most of our groups are now fully operational after the Summer recess with our ever popular Local History Group starting their Autumn programme of talks this month.
The History Group goes from strength to strength and now meets on the third Thursday of the month at the United Reformed Church hall in Broad Street. There is plenty of room and new members are welcome to come along. The speakers have so far been of an exemplary high standard with the most absorbing subjects. Details are in the Newsletter each month.
The concert by Steve and Carol last month was another wonderful morning of musical
entertainment, totally absorbing. This was their second successful visit. A report is inside.
In the Stamford Mercury on Friday 27th September, there was a headline “How many
more people have to fall before paving is fixed?“. A subsequent report on the dangers of tripping over loose paving slabs in town, following a series of nasty falls, was featured in the paper. We highlighted this problem some two or three months ago in the newsletter after two of our members suffered injuries.
Now that the Mercury has picked it up, maybe something will be done.
If anyone notices a loose paving stone, or any other trip hazard, the idea is to email the editor; or phone on 01780 758995.
Let us all do this please.
We also have a plan to reduce the use of plastic cups for our meetings, in line with the general concerns over the excess use of plastic across the world. A suggestion is that if we attend a small group meeting, we might take our own cup or drinking vessel. It will take time to affect a changeover for the larger groups though. More on this later.
Kate Marshall from Dementia Support South Lincolnshire is our speaker this month to enlighten us on the subject which seems to be an ever growing problem for many.
Please remember to take this month’s Newsletter for anyone you know who might like
Thank you all for coming along—best wishes to all.
Michael Crowe