Chairman’s Notes – November 2019

Hello Everyone,
After the talk by Kate Marshall last month on Dementia Support South Lincolnshire, we are now aware of the tremendous amount that there is available from a veritable army of volunteers. The national press has taken up the case with extensive coverage requesting more Government involvement.
As social interaction is one of the main ways of delaying the onset of this disease, we can claim that the U3A is playing its part with so many groups. We did learn that an early symptom is withdrawal from society, so if anyone knows of a person showing reluctance to join in with outings or events, this is an early
Having indicated last month that we would consider bringing ones’ own coffee cup to meetings which currently use plastic, we have had a favourable reaction to this, and so we will implement this to the best of our ability.
Please try to remember to carry a mug or similar if attending one of our many meetings which offer a drink as part of the proceedings.
As they say at Tesco, every little helps.We still have the Social Network Group meetings once a month to which all new
members are invited as a way to meet others for an informal coffee morning. Details are in this newsletter. Please do come if you are a new member. You will be made very welcome.
Also please report any loose flag stones or other trip hazards in town as set out in the last newsletter. The Stamford Mercury is our contact – tel. 01780 758995
You may have read a report in the Mercury that Lincolnshire is to spend £50,000 to have specialist contractors repair the pavements in town. Maybe we are getting the message across now. We await the start of the work.
As the newsletter is the main way that we can tell our members of what is happening, please do take a copy for anyone who cannot attend the Monday meetings. Copies are also available in the library.
Thank you all for your continued support for our groups.
Michael Crowe