Chairman’s Notes – December 2019

Hello Everyone,
We are coming to the end of another eventful year in our U3A with an encouraging increase in membership. Four new groups have started with enthusiastic leaders. They have proved very popular additions to the existing groups. Now we have two more offers to start new groups in Spanish and Italian. If anyone wishes to join either or both of these in the New Year, please contact one of us or email with your interest. Thank you.
The scheme to bring one’s own cup to meetings that offer coffee as part of the proceedings is starting to work and we hope will grow as word spreads. This is our attempt to limit the use of plastic, but don`t worry, you will still be offered a paper cup.
At this time of year, the usual plea is to save used postage stamps for our charity — Hearing Dogs. These can be handed in at any of our monthly meetings.
We are holding our winter lunch on Thursday 30th January at the Casterton Garden Centre starting at 12:15 pm as in previous years.
If anyone would like to come, can you kindly register your interest with our membership secretary Beverley at the Monday meeting on the 6th January when the menu choice will be available, with a £5 deposit if you please.
We have received an edict from the U3A Trust suggesting that the word ”University“ in our title deters potential members, as it gives the impression of elitism and an unjustified idea of academic aspirations. They have indicated that all U3As should adopt a new slogan — Learn, Laugh and Live
You may have noticed that our newsletter editor has already done this. It really does reflect exactly what we stand for and practise. We will play down the University part of the title, particularly as the new motto is more relevant to modern times with the 40th anniversary of the U3A coming next year.
Finally, the committee wishes you all A Very Happy Christmas, with thanks for all the support that you have shown for our groups over the year.
Michael Crowe