Membership Cards – Apr 2020

Just a note to members who are waiting for their membership cards – unfortunately they are currently out of stock, so they will be forwarded to you when they become available.

Beverley Meader
Membership Secretary

Membership Subscriptions – 2017

The time to renew your subscription is now well passed.

So if you have not received a reminder then please contact Jim Guthrie soon otherwise your name will be deleted from our membership database.
At still only £8 for the whole year until March 2018, our U3A provides perhaps the best value for money. This is your final notice!

Joining Our Groups From Other U3As

Group Leaders please note that if you have members from other U3As who want to join you, they do not need to become members of Stamford U3A provided they are current members of their own U3A. They will be fully covered by the National U3A public insurance and other covers. Kindly also note that this is a concession which we extend to every other U3A member. This means that if the foot is on the other boot, it might be that other less enlightened U3As might actually demand that you become a member of their U3A. This is entirely up to them, so whatever they say you have to abide by their decision.

If you have to do this, then they should be able to waive the capitation charge, because you have already paid it with us. Currently it amounts to £3.50.