Interest Groups

Stamford U3A Interest Groups
Group Day Frequency Time Leader/Contact
Group Day Frequency Time Leader/Contact
Antiques 1 Tue 4th 10:30 am June Downs
Antiques 2 Tue 1st 10:30 am June Woollard
Art Workshop Mon 2nd and 4th 10:15 am Rita Wood
Beer ‘n Banter Wed Monthly 8:00 – 10.00 pm Lionel Wall
Birding and Nature Mon Usually 4th 10:00 am David Woodman
Bon Appetit Diners Wed Monthly 7:00 pm Diana Lloyd
Book Binding Tue Twice monthly 2:00 pm Chris Gardiner
Canasta Fri Weekly 1:45 pm David Woodman
Chess Mon Fortnightly 2:00 – 4:00 pm Peter Beveridge
Church Crawlers Wed Monthly Apr-Oct 10:00 am Lionel Wall
Church Visiting Fri Last May-Oct 11:00 am Michael Crowe
Climate Change Tue 3rd 2:30 pm John Polkinghorne
Computer Group Fri 2nd 10:30 am Martin Lander
Craft Wed 4th 2:00 pm Fran Jacklin
Creative Writing 1 Thu 3rd 3:00-5:00 pm Kathy Joyce
Creative Writing 2 Wed 1st 10:30 am Ann Linton
Current Affairs Discussion Wed 1st 10:00 am – 12:00 George Grainger
Cycling ’20 Milers’ Wed Weekly 9:30 am Robin Morrison
Drama Tue 1st & 3rd Mar-May Sep-Nov 2:00 pm Dianne Smith
European Studies Thu 2nd  10:30 am George Grainger
French Conversation Fri Fortnightly 10:30 am Margarete Mitchell
Gardens Group Tue 3rd 2:00 pm Fran Jacklin
Handicrafts Mon As Arranged 2:00 pm Aileen Marriott
Jazz Mon 1st 2:00 pm Lewis Clayton
Knit and Natter Fri 2nd 2:00 pm Margaret Lewis
Literature Tue 2nd 2:00 pm Ann Linton
Local History Tue 2nd Oct – Apr 10:30 am Penny Rowley
Mah Jong Wed 3rd 2:00 pm Carolyn Sisask
Mind Gym Mon 3rd 2:00 pm Sheila Halliday-Pegg
Photography Tue 1st 10:00 am Robin Pearson
Play Reading Tue 4th 2:00 pm Graham Creedy
Play Reading 2 Wed 4th 2:00 pm Sue Samuels
Poetry Thu Last 2:00 pm Margaret Lewis
Quilting and Embroidery Mon 4th 2:00 pm Jane Heyes
Railway History Wed Last 10:30 am Rachel Roffe
Scrabble Mon 2nd and 4th 2:00 pm Sandra Naylor
Singing For Pleasure Thu 2nd and 4th 10:30 am Molly Roberts
Social Network Mon Penultimate 10:30 am Anne Wiltshire
Social Rubber Bridge Wed Weekly 2:00 pm Gerry Evans
Sunday Lunch Sun As Arranged Shirley Draheim-Jackson
Second Sunday Lunch Sun 2nd Varies Stella Morgan & Liz Pearson
Stamford Strollers Fri 3rd 10:15 am Aileen Marriott
Stamford Walking Group Fri 1st and 3rd 10:00 am Jill Bemrose & Stella Morgan
Swimming Mon/Thu Weekly in School Term 11:00 am Ann Linton
Table Tennis Wed Weekly 2:00 pm Bob Beck & George Grainger
Ukulele Thu 3rd 10:30 am Michael Crowe
Welland Wanderers Thu 2nd and 4th 10:00 am Fran Jacklin
Wine Monthly As Arranged Sandy Ellis

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