Play Reading Group 2

Group Name:
Play Reading Group 2
Decide on suitable plays for group reading, take parts from the plays and read them allowed as a group.
Confidence to read out loud to a group or peers and assume characters as described by the script
Group Leader:
Sue Samuels
Contact details:
Sue Samuels – mobile: 07428 820 571 (preferred); email –
Haberget Place, Stamford PE9 1FP
Meetings Held:
4th Wednesday of the month at  2:00 pm
Annual Subscription £3 – refreshments 50p per session
Yes – the Second Play Reading group continues to thrive.  We have nine members and we read a wide variety of plays both modern and classic.  We have room for one or two new members so if you would like to join us, please contact Sue Samuels on mobile – see above.
Waiting List:
Only reading glasses – if you need them!
This group was set up due to the large waiting list in original Play Reading Group. Our inaugural meeting was held 13th April 2016 to set up the 2nd Group
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